1-800-273-8255 (Press 1)
or send text to 838255
You are NOT ALONE!!


Executive Committee
- Dennis Orr (Pres)
- Dick Young(1st VP)
- Ed Aitken (2nd VP)
- Jim Craig (Immed Past Pres & DAV & MCL Desig Rep)
- Robby Robinson (State Leg Comm Co-Chair)
- Shelly Kalkowski (State Leg Comm Co-Chair & MOAA Desig Rep)
- Dick Wilson (Membership Comm Chair)
- Glenn Kataoka (Budget Comm Chair)
- Dennis Churgovich (Communications Comm Chair)
- Robert Andrews (Assistant VP)
- Willard Leight (Assistant VP)
- Stephanie Vivirski (Assistant VP)
- Albert Gonzales (AGIF Desig Rep)
- Dean Noechel (American Legion Desig Rep)
- Jim Craig(DAV Desig Rep)
- Patty Sampers (GSW Desig Rep)
- Bernie Rogoff(JWV Desig Rep)
- Jim Craig(MCL Desig Rep)
- Dick Smith(MOAA Desig Rep)
- Dr. David Andrews(MOPH Desig Rep)
- Jim Sack (PVA Desig Rep)
- Greg Barnett (TREA Desig Rep)
- Bruce Marsden (USSVI Desig Rep)
- Robert M. Kidd, Sr. (VFW Desig Rep)
- Stan Paprocki (VVA Desig Rep)
- Paula Sarlls (WMA Desig Rep)
State Legislative Committee
Federal Legislative Committee
Membership Committee
Communications Committee
Fundraising Committee
Budget Committee
Awards Committee
Nominating Committee
Banquet Committee

General Membership & Executive Committee Meetings
are being held via Zoom until further notice.

  United Veterans Coalition of Colorado
700 Colorado Blvd. #747
Denver, CO 80206