The United Veterans Coalition of Colorado has many accomplishments and has been in existence since 1972. Please see the list below:

  • Was the first and perhaps still may be the only state to have a designated paid
    lobbyist for pushing veterans issues.

  • Establishing Veterans Trust Fund and Veterans Assistance Grant Programs ($2

  • Moving the Division of Veterans Affairs and Board of Veterans Affairs into the
    Division of Military and Veterans Affairs.

  • Establishing a homeless prevention and rehabilitation program at Fort Lyon with a
    priority on serving homeless Veterans.

  • Became the moving force for getting the placement of the new Regional VA Hospital to be in Aurora, Colorado, adjoining Denver.

  • Providing in-state tuition at public schools of higher education for members of the
    Military, veterans and their dependents.

  • Constitutional amendment for a property tax exemption for 100% disabled veterans and surviving spouses.

  • Adding $465,000 in state funding for the County Veterans Service Officer Program.

  • Providing in-state tuition at public schools of higher learning for members of the military, veterans and their dependents.

  • Increasing salaries of Direct Care staff at state’s Veterans Living Centers.

  • Created and published a Veterans Resource Map of Colorado kept current by the UVC, so any Veteran by logging onto the Map, can locate all of the known entities that provide services to veterans, and by clicking onto that cymbal, information about that entity is available to the veteran as to exact location, type of services provided, how to reach that entity, and other data that the Veteran might need to know.

  • Obtained Incoming Military Family Open enrollment in schools.

  • Increased our member veterans organizations in the UVC to over 100.

  • Partial state income tax exemption for military retirement pay of Veterans 55 years and older.

  • Organized and conducted first of four statewide conferences of the staffs of the Veterans Treatment Courts in Colorado (now taken on by the State’s Division of Justice).

  • Started proving services to our many Veterans Service Organizations to help them in providing direct help to Veterans, such as assisting them with technical questions about on line communications, improving their websites, etc.

  • Launching an effort for our member organizations to be able to place their upcoming events onto our UVC Calendar so that more people would be able to learn about these events, including all of the details, and be able to attend.